Moving of residential areas

These kinds of movings make the largest part of our work and therefore our agency can be proud of rich experience which represents our identity card.

Before everything, our professional team will protect your furniture with strech film. If it is necessary they will dismantle big pieces of furniture and our packers will transport them with greatest attention so you can have your things where you want them without any damage.

When they arrive to the place of unloadnig, the team for loading and unloading will bring the furniture into your new ambience and place it according to your wish. During that time, other team will assemble those pieces of furniture which had to be dismantled because of the transport and transfer.

At the end of the moving, your ambience is left clean and tidy so it is easer for you to manage in your new home.

We take care of safety and protection of your furniture and we guarantee that everything will be delivered in original state.

Be free to conatct us and afford the best service of moving without worries and second thoughts.

Moving of business area

If you are moving your business area but there is a time limit, our agency offers you a posibility of express moving in the shortiest period of time. The example is business centre «Vila Jelena» where twenty our workers were hired and the business was finished in one weekend. The both sides were very pleased.

We offer you the possibility of packing as well, protection of the furniture and dismantling and assembling which can be done by our team if you don’t want to bother with this kind of work.

It’s up to you to say your wishes and requests and we are here to accomplish them entirely.

International movings

Paris, New York, London or any other city or place you are moving to, with us it would be closer and we will make sure your things get there as soon and safe as possible.

If you want to transport only certain pieces of furniture, our agency provides that kind of services as well.

Your things will be protected with strech film and other protective layers by our packers. Big pieces of furniture will be dismantled if necessary, every part protected and at the end we will mark every piece of furniture.

We offer you an arrangement of customs administration and insurance of goods during thetransport.


Packing is very important part of moving because, if you pack and protect things properly, you are more sure that they will not be damaged.

Our team is specially trained to pack and protect things from the house and if you decide to trust us this hard and tedious work, we will come to your place before the moving and carefully pack those things in appropriate boxes according to things that are packed.

For example, for the fragile objects such as things from the kitchen, we use five-layer boxes combined with pack paper. If you have clothes that should not be wrinkled, we use special clothing boxes with hangers so after the moving your clothes stay clean and creased.

The content of every box will be marked on the very same box so in every moment you will know where your things are.